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      About Us
      Jiangsu Yuanwang Hoisting Machinery Manufacture Co., LTD (Jingjiang Yuanwang Port Machinery Factory) is a crane manufacturer in China. Our company is located in Jingjiang Hi-tech Industrial Park of Jiangsu Riverside Economic Development Zone. With a history of over 38 years, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and modification of all kinds of harbor crane. The geographic location is superior ---right in the Yangtze River Delta Area, 40km to Wuxi and Changzhou, 100km to Suzhou and Yangzhou, 180km to Shanghai and Nanjing with a very convenient and fast transportaion. The area of our company is approximately 50,000 square metres including 20,000 square metres of modern whorshop. We have newly brought in 15 sets of large scale equipment .
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